The Journey is the Goal-御风而驰


Damp sand crunches underneath my running shoes, water snakes its way elegantly through a sea of rocks and the first rays of sun glimmer through the leafy trees. Summer has finally arrived and I am making the best of this sunny morning by going on a refreshing little river run. The route takes me seven kilometers along the river Sernf from Schwanden to Engi in Glarnerland (Canton of Glarus), Switzerland. 

夏日的清晨展开了一幅美丽的画卷:林间沙路清净无染、岩间涓流曲折婉转,金色初阳在树影间浮泛,四处虫鸣唧唧、熏风习习。此时开启一场两栖越野跑,是何等的欢快惬意!我在瑞士格拉鲁斯州(Canton of Glarus)内规划了一条七公里的线路,从 Schwanden 出发,沿 Sernf 河奔跑,最终抵达 Glarnerland 的恩吉。


My gaze is fixed on the ground. Rocks, tree trunks and alternating patches of sun and shade demand my full attention. I have to decide in the blink of an eye where to place my feet next. I am far away from any tarmac roads, in the middle of a stream. The trail runs right up the river bed, higher and higher, towards the source.



I run for the sake of running, not to get faster or achieve any goals. It is about living in the moment, overcoming obstacles and enjoying nature. Sometimes speed and endurance are required, other times it is skill, strength and concentration. Over hill and dale, as far as my feet will carry me. River running is fun; it’s a million miles away from the monotony of tracks and tarmac roads.



A good shoe is absolutely vital for river running. It is the connection between me and the constantly changing terrain. I find the RIVERSIDE model is ideal for demanding river trails. Even when completely wet, this shoe provides optimum support and the protective cushioning you need for big jumps. The CANYON RAVE, with its more airy construction, is the go-to shoe for easier, more leisurely river trails. The rest of my kit is made up of breathable and fast-drying trail running apparel.

一双好鞋是两栖越野跑的利器,能帮助我征服峥嵘崎岖的地形。RIVERSIDE系列鞋款是两栖越野跑的佳伴,即使深陷低洼水路,仍提供优越的支撑力与缓震性能,哪怕是大步流星也无后顾之忧;CANYON RAVE鞋款透气性更强,适合在溪涧中悠闲慢跑。另外,我还穿着透气速干的运动服装。


River running is a challenging activity, where endurance, strength and coordination are tested in a variety of ways. You can vary the difficulty of a run simply by varying the terrain or changing your speed. River running novices are advised to begin at a leisurely pace, or start with a river hike, to get used to the new environment. Like in the mountains, the potential risks and hazards must also be taken into consideration when river running. But if you are properly equipped and well prepared, there’s nothing to stop you enjoying a refreshing run.



After a good hour, I arrive at my destination in Engi, happy with my achievement – a winning combination of stimulation, sport and natural experience.