About Us
We translate more than mere words

We are art lovers and literary craftsmen. Our way of creating art is to bring you the best possible writings on fine art and literature expressed in fresh and evocative language.

We strive for unique client satisfaction through our exquisite artistry and our craftsmanship. From the East or the West, from the North or the South, we want to cross borders and be a bridge between peoples.

To exceed the expectations of our clients and support them on their road to success To provide a great environment for our highly valued staff To contribute to the rejuvenation of traditional Chinese culture
We strive for perfection and pursue excellence
We want to take the lead culturally and at the same time provide a benchmark for quality in the translation industry
We strive for perfection

In presenting the best writings on fine art and literature in a new linguistic costume, our dedicated literary craftsmen combine enthusiasm with skill, sparing no effort to reach their goal.

Our linguists take great care to be faithful to the original language of a piece of writing, and in addition never stop until a translation flows naturally and with great style.
Natural flow
Great style
For Our Clients
We offer sincere and capable linguistic help
For now, we offer the following language pairs: English↔Chinese
Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.
Peace of mind
  • No tedious revisions. Save time and money!
  • Reader friendly output characterized by native fluency
Professional Services
  • Each product reflects our linguists’ collective wisdom
  • Project glossaries to keep exactness and consistency
  • Language bank is well maintained through CAT tools
Appealing artistry
  • Beautiful and attractive writing, expert artistic style and philosophical insights in excess of client expectations
Our Work
Focus on fine art and literature
  • Autumn - 秋日礼赞
  • 散文,英译中作品
  • The Journey is the Goal-御风而驰
  • 旅行游记,英译中作品
  • Mirrors-镜中的世界
  • 议论文,英译中作品
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